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Monday Books is an independent publisher specialising in strongly-written non fiction across a wide range of subject areas.

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new books Animal Q.C. – Gary Bell current titles Animal Q.C. – Gary Bell At The Going Down Of The Sun - Graham Bound Thick As Thieves - Andrew Penman May It Please Your Lordship - Toby Potts Undercover - Pete Ashton The Little Girl In The Radiator – Martin Slevin Talking Blues - Roger Graeff Black Box - Nicholas Faith The Policeman & The Brothel - Theodore Dalrymple wastingmorepolicetime_hp_co Anything Goes – Theodore Dalrymple Kidnapped – Colin Freeman Generation F - Winston Smith On The Edge - Charlie Carroll The Examined Life – Theodore Dalrymple Our Man In Orlando - Hugh Hunter Sick Notes - Dr Tony Copperfield Second Opinion - Theodore Dalrymple Eddy Nugent & The Map Of Africa - Eddy Nugent Not With A Bang But A Whimper - Theodore Dalrymple sogreatbritain_hp_cover When Science Goes Wrong – Simon LeVay Perverting The Course Of Justice – Inspector Gadget In Foreign Fields The Curse Of The Al Dulaimi Hotel – Colin Freeman Picking Up The Brass – Eddy Nugent United States Of Hysteria – Anne Dixey A Paramedic's Diary - Stuart Gray Diary Of An On-Call Girl - WPC E. E. Bloggs Wasting Police Time – PC David Copperfield It's Your Time You're Wasting – Frank Chalk Me and My Mouth – Austin Healey Watching Men Burn – Tony McNally Road Trip To Hell – Chris Hughes Free book extracts

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